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What is Gift Day?

A history of generosity at Figtree Anglican Church

The story of Figtree Anglican is one of providence and generosity. Figtree Anglican is rich with resource and has been a blessing to others because of a history of the saints being generous with the provision of God. FAC’s Annual Gift Day has been an opportunity to walk in the legacy of generosity and continue to see Figtree Anglican accomplish various projects for the good of the Kingdom of God. This year we hope to dream bigger and ask broader. That is, before putting forward any gift day project we wanted to ask everybody ‘what do you think?’ So thank you for coming here and sharing your idea, by completing the form below your idea will be included in a consideration process which will determine our final gift day projects. Please take note of the following criteria: 

  • Projects have a foreseeable conclusion date. They are not ongoing activities, such as permanent staff positions. E.g. they may be an event, a capital work, a short term position, or a gift.  
  • Projects will not require additional funds from FAC that have not already been budgeted for.  
  • They may service a debt.
  • They may maintain, develop, or service Figtree property. 
  • They may be internal or external to FAC. 
  • They may be ideas that we have had in the past which we were not previously able to achieve.  

Submissions are now closed for our 2021 Gift Day Projects

Thank you for your suggestions. Our Ministry Team, Parish Council and Wardens are looking over your submissions at the moment and will finalise the 2021 Gift Day Projects soon. 

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